How (and why) to remember names

How to remember names

Photo: Bronwen Evans Tricks to help remember names “Let’s start by going around the room and introducing ourselves. Haha  – don’t worry, we wont test you!” But what if they did? I was at a writers’ meeting last night. The guest speaker was author and blogger Kristen Lamb from Texas. My hat goes off to […]


6 Event Ideas for an Albanian Hostel

Ice breaker ideas

My son emailed me this week asking for event ideas for an Albanian Youth Hostel. (Who knows where a gap year will take you?) First thing when you’re planning events is to define the purpose. I’m guessing the hostel wanted him to raise their profile and get more travellers staying more nights. So the events […]


Before you start a start up

Talk to 40 people

and here are mine. MY FABULOUS 40: Alexandra, Allan, Andy, Angela, Anna, Anne, Annie, Briony, Dale, Dan, Daphne, Darren, Dave, David, Debbie, Elham, Fraser, Guy, Helen, Herman, Ian, Jane, Kerry, Lance, Lucinda, Lynette, Mara, Matt, Michelle, Mike, Milton, Nathalie, Paul, Philippa, Rhys, Sandy, Shaun, Silke, Tim, Viv. I wish I could remember who it was […]