Quick icebreaker with selfies

Icebreaker game

I was asked for a really quick, no fuss icebreaker game for a team at an event – to fill the hour between the last event and drinks.

This is a version of the Albanian treasure hunt party game.

Pair people up. Give them a list of things they have to find – out in the town or around the hotel.

My team were in Queenstown and I suggested they find:

A colander

A red flower

A pram

A advert for pizza

A hat with a pompom

The I went for the NZ themed ideas:

a hokey pokey icecream

a piece of paua

a pounamu necklace

a chocolate fish

an ad that mentions “100% Pure”

etc etc

Whatever is appropriate and can be found (but not too easily) with a bit of creativity in about 20 minutes.

They take a selfie of the pair of them with the item, and head back to base within the allotted time.

The pair with the most correct selfies wins.