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Meg Rose Event Facilitator

Hawke's Bay: Facilitator

Meg Rose is an entertaining and challenging group facilitator who can either design a day to meet your specific need or deliver clarity and clear steps for action through a range of strategic and operational workshops.

·       Individual coaching and group facilitation

·       Strategic perspective and future scenario planning

·       Team-led understanding of workflow, service delivery and the client experience

Due to the confidential nature of Meg's work, a list of referees and contacts is available on request.

"Meg did a great job of getting to the center of the issue that was being discussed."
(Facilitating a group of nine independent views into a collective proposal)

"It worked having people clarify my thinking, and putting that thinking into an action. It’s what I needed, someone pushing!"
(Setting a new strategic direction for the business after gaining new insight into unproductive time and energy)

"Meg was a great presenter and I'll carry a lot of what she said for a long time, I'd like to spend more time with Meg, she is insightful and had an excellent way of delivering the truth. I gained some good insight into the thinking and development process of a strategic plan and clear identification of my goals."
(A team workshop identifying shared goals and resulting in an action-filled development path based on the unique skills and aspirations of all members of the company, including the owner, technical and customer service staff)