The value of face to face communication

Face to Face communication

Face to face.

We don’t value it enough.

This last month, going around and talking to venue providers, event organisers and running several events myself, I have reinforced my opinion that face to face is so much better than any alternative.

It’s a human need, to get together and share space. Our ancestors did it – they gathered around the fire, checked each other out, jostled for position and attracted mates. Ate their raw meat.

I went to a meeting this morning and luckily the heaters were on and breakfast was cooked. And we were being collaborative and attracting business rather than mates (unless I missed something) . But the social need was the same. People, faces, body language, moods. Face to face you sense the person and read their cues as you communicate. Feedback, both verbal and physical, takes the conversation along a much more satisfying path as you respond to the whole person, not just their projection.

So much communication today starts with:
“Hi, hope you are well.
Here’s what I want to talk to you about. Blah blah blah”  (I have no idea if you want to hear it, or that you are looking sad, distracted, or barely containing your enthusiasm, or if you are in full body plaster. I’m just going to tell it from my perspective anyway).

No feedback. It’s digital and faceless.

To understand each other you can’t beat meeting face to face.  Talking, listening, watching, inhaling, taking turns, butting in, laughing.

I’m starting to feel incredibly positive about what I’m doing, about the people I’ve met this last month and the conversations I’ve had – face to face, of course.  I’ve met people who offer venues, people who organise meetings, and a some great people who speak at workshops and share their knowledge and passion with others who are learning so much – face to face.


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