Icebreakers & Party Games – Would I lie to you?

Would I lie to you Questions

Here’s an ice breaker for a big party – it gets people (aarrggh!) talking to strangers and sparks some interesting, if not always honest, conversations. It’s based on the BBC panel show with the hilarious David Mitchell, Rob Brydon and Lee Mack, but you don’t need to call in the professionals, the game works equally with a mixed bunch of your workmates, book club, neighbours, old school friends and those odd people you pick up along the way who don’t know anyone else.  Mix ’em up and get ’em laughing.

Party Game – Would I lie to you?

1. It’s not compulsory.

2. Have a box of lies written on strips of paper, you’ll need at least 2 per person. Eg.

I’ve eaten baked hedgehog.
I used to babysit Lorde.
My grandfather invented sellotape.

3. Guests take one lie. They either copy this lie, or write a truth on a card and pin the card to their sleeve.

4. They get three gaudy baubles (or any items of currency)

Guests challenge each other on whether a statement is true or false. A true statement has to be entirely true, a false statement can be based on a true story so long as the actual statement is false. Watch David Mitchell for inspiration.

The challenger calls truth or a lie. The winner takes a bauble from the loser.

Person with the most baubles at the end of the party WINS!!!


Here’s a starter list of lies we came up with (or they may be true…). I took the really naughty ones out.

A friend of my mum’s is the only person killed by a jellyfish in NZ
I was a tree in a nativity play
I was chased by a turtle when I was on crutches
My cousin is John Key’s hairdresser
Every time I’ve gone ice skating I’ve broken my leg
I got bullied at school because my mum was a dancer
I was nearly killed by a coconut
I paid $750 for someone to tell me to switch my computer off and on again
I killed a bird with a golf ball
My first ever report praised my “soft knee bends”
I once rated 75% on a DIY Aspergers test
I was in a crowd scene in a movie and had to snog the person next to me
I once bit a hole through my tongue
My mum has had tea with the Queen three times
Once I cut my sister’s hair and used it to stuff my bear
I nearly killed my brother with a bow and arrow
I’ve been lost at sea
I thought I was colour blind for years but they had just got the test wrong
I’m allergic to mold
My cousin has three Olympic gold medals
I stole the baby Jesus at our school Christmas production
We had a vicar come to talk to our class at Christmas and I asked him if he believed in Santa
I’ve been bitten by a shark
I once caught a 9 kg snapper
I used to be so scared of earthquakes I pulled my bed under the doorway at night
I almost drowned in swimming lessons
I love roller coasters
I was engaged three times before I got married
New York is my favourite city in the world
I’ve never stayed up all night
I have swum with sharks
I’ve been arrested
I went skydiving because I was afraid of heights
I used to collect pigs
I love going to musicals
I always use a fake name at restaurants.
I went backstage at an Eagles concert and had drinks with the band
I was in the paper once dressed as a pumpkin
My turnip won first prize for being a “pleasing shape”
I got three speeding tickets in a week and got off all of them
A friend and I went to a fancy dress party as John Travolta and Olivia Newton John
I won $25,000 on the lottery
I was voted “most likely to make a million before turning 20” at school
My family used to live on a boat
I once fell down a drain
I have a Russian grandmother
I ate with chopsticks before I could use a knife & fork
My sister has been a bridesmaid 5 times
I got a tattoo long before it was cool and still love it
I can ride a bike downhill standing on the seat
I used to be able to do a double back flip on the trampoline
I had a bit part in a vampire movie
I once invited a Jehovah’s Witness into the house and we both got drunk
I own red leather pants and cowboy boots.
We used to do hula at school to get us co-ordinated
I had a dog called Isis (goddess of earth & sky). We changed her name.
I once went to the gym with Scarlett Johnasson
My mother thought my mouth was bleeding but I was too scared to tell her I’d eaten all the strawberries
I won a poetry competition
I went to a hypnotist show and spent the night as Superman
I got sea a sea horse for Christmas on year
I once sent a very inappropriate text to my boss by mistake
An ex put a weta down my shirt
I’ve been trodden on by a horse and chased by a cow
I nearly squashed a newborn baby by sitting on her – I didn’t see her on the sofa
I’ve seen one of my own bones
The only time I’ve ever gambled I lost $200
I don’t turn on TV for weeks and then binge on a whole series in 24 hours.
I flipped my car on the Napier Taupo road and drove away
I’m related to Boris Johnson
I can’t see the colour Purple
If I can’t sleep, I speed read Dickens
I am really good at beer skittles
A dog once ran away with my car keys at the beach
I went to a birthday party where I was the only person not called Dave
I stop myself being carsick by holding a lemon
When I was a kid I tried to teach my dog to talk.
I played polo once and got most valuable player
My dad holds the country record for most gummy bears balanced on his nose
I’ve been in a flash mob
I broke my ankle in a rabbit hole
I used to be obsessed with photographing boardwalks
I really really hate stick insects
My father was in the Guinness Book of Records for push ups
Until very recently I honestly believed that the moon landings were faked
I’ve never driven a green car because as I child I believed green was unlucky
My visa card was hacked by Russians
I slept two nights in an airport after I missed a flight
I have a strange reaction to gin – I get incredibly drunk on just a few sips
I was deaf until I was 6
I choked on a jellybean and ended up in emergency
I’ve swallowed a goldfish
I’ve hit a hole in one
I killed a chicken with a spade
I ate dogfood
I’ve been hit by a flying fish
I discovered a cave system
I’ve saved a child’s life
I’ve never owned a toaster
I use fake tan
I’ve seen the Rolling Stones in Concert
I have eaten worms
I love roller coasters
I was the youngest person ever employed by TVNZ
My grandmother froze the family cat
I gave birth to twins twice
I can ride a bike downhill standing on the seat
I have no middle name
My grandmother was a commercial craft beer brewer
I’m grade eight on the flute
I’m a twin
My father is one of 12 kids
I’ve got a signed copy of Kevin Spacey
I’ve have a tattoo
I’ve never had a speeding ticket
I’ve done a bungy jump
I was on a plane that was diverted because someone died
I’ve won awards for archery
I’ve completed a professional eating contest
I can hold my breath for two minutes
I’ve done a course in taxidermy
I did a holiday course in clowning
I’ve played the organ in a church
I was hitch hiking and picked up by a drunk
I’ve been bitten by an ostrich
I’ve been to a cock fight
I’ve won Best Dressed at the races
I cut my own hair
I was born with two webbed toes
I once killed a duck with a loaf of bread
I ran over a pukeko
I put up a shelf for my mum, she put all her glasses on it, it fell down
I drilled through an electric cable
I’ve eaten a huhu grub
I make my own wine
One of my legs is shorter than the other


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